Incident & Breach management policy in the organizations helps their employees in incident and breach reporting. The purpose of having this I&B policy is to guide the employees on how to deal with GDRP breach.

Timely response and efficient reporting are key parameters when security related breach happens. Order of incident response and breach notification protocols are essential part of these guidelines or policies. It answers your questions like ‘how to deal with GDPR breach?’ and ‘how to report an incident in the workplace?’.

When the incident happened?
How you became aware of the incident?
What was the nature of activity when Incident happened?
Who is affected in the incident?
Are the affected considered to be vulnerable?
Has all compromised data now been secured or retrieved?
What is the Long-term impact of the breach happened?

This is not it. There are a lot many questions to be answered when a data protection officer investigates the incident. 
Symmetry offers you a software that provides you a complete solution of Incident and Breach management. 


Incident Management Tool with Logical yet Simplified process steps offering you 

  • Quick Notification:
    Quick Notification is the Primary demand when some breach happens.
    Organizations must have a central system in place for collecting breach information as soon as it happens or when become aware of the incident happened.
  • Detailed Investigation:
    Incident Investigation step involves Detailed Data collection, Analysis, and Identification of affected individuals, data subject type, sensitive and personal data, vulnerable individuals, type of data breach, region wise classification of subject and data. This Process helps data protection team to find the root cause of incident and then after put forward the report and recommendations.
  • Breach Conclusion:
    From the precise details collected on investigation step, system automatically pull-out some ruling parameter details to conclusion screen. Then this help DP team in conclusive Risk, Engagement, and Incident Response.
  • Automatically Processed Response Summary:
    From here, DP team can easily assess the ‘time taken from becoming aware to notification’ and ‘time taken from receipt to conclusion’. Incident & Breach Response summary can be used to take future decisions or manage subsequent plans to avoid similar incident/breach occurrences. 


  • Built-in dashboard allowing you to track Incidents registered on different selected time span. 
  • Visual data presentation using charts and graphs. 
  • Instant notification registering form makes it easier to report incidents as soon as it happens. 
  • Dynamic management of Personal data and sensitive data makes system flexible to use for any business type and domain. 
  • Integration of Incident Response Action and other Action and Engagements with incident make the progress tracing uncomplicated. 

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