DSR – Data Subject Request meaning, Data Subject has right to get information and confirmation from controller on what data is being processed; whether personal data is being processed or not! GDPR article 15 says ‘Right of access by the data subject’. 

Whenever Personal data is processed, Organizations have to take care of a lot like…
With whom personal data is shared with?
What is Purpose of the personal data processing?
What are the Categories of personal data processed?
Data subject can demand of many such details from organizations who are controlling data. However, managing all these becomes headache for the organizations.

Responding to GDPR DSR is challenging for any organization especially when dealing with large customer base. Similarly, when there is any international organization or third-party is involved in the data process. In conclusion, Symmetry‘s Data subject request portal will save your life from all the manual DSR request response process.  
Symmetry’s all in one Privacy rights management tool can be used for both, Data subject (Individuals or customers whose data is being processed) and Data controllers (the businesses/organizations). 


Symmetry’s Data subject access request workflow consist of 3 simple steps. 

DSR Request Notification:

Instant Notification sending to respective admin by filling up a simple Data subject request form. From here, Data Subject can clarify the request is made for what purpose? What is the type (data erasure request or data access request or data rectification request) of request? Data subject has to provide some personal information like the Individual’s type (customer or advisor), location of the individual, and reason for the request. Thus, this short and simple form make the request initiation process easier than ever.

DSR Request Validation:

This step helps controllers to validate or identify the request by automated Exemptions and Restriction checks. These Exemptions and Restrictions are auto applied to the Data subject Rights and Data subject types requested from the DSAR notification step. Moreover, software also allows controllers to add DSR validation Actions, Risks, and Engagements associated with a particular DSR case.

DSR Request Response:

Request response step allows controllers to review the DSR Response summary & KPIs. In other words, it auto calculates summary page that manifests certain criteria like…
a) Time taken from request receipt to Notification
b) Time taken in Request notification to Request response
c) Time taken in data handling by the DP team
d) DSR request status.


  • Illustrative dashboard portrays real-time data that enhances the data visualization for decision makers. 

  • Step by step breakdown of whole process and quick notification form with minimal fields.  

  • Search and Assign Admin to case and then track assigned cases to different Admins from dashboard. 

  • Request format, Restrictions & checks, Suspected reasons for DSR request, and Reason for the delay in processing request all these can manage dynamically from settings area.

  • Default templates (most widely in practice as per GDPR) are available to load and use in system that you can use to get started instantly. 



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