DPIA – Data Protection Impact Assessment also known as PIA – Privacy Impact Assessment is required before you start processing a new activity that likely involves processing of personal information. Article 35 of GDPR says it. 

This assessment helps you identify & analyze the possible risks involved in the activity you are processing. Thus, it also aids to mitigate the risk measures. From Data Protection and Data privacy point of view, it becomes an essential and unavoidable process. 

Organizations have a lot of questions in head… 

     Why DPIA?,
     When to conduct DPIA?,
     How to carry out a DPIA?,

and lot more… 

Symmetry Brought to you an effective and simple DPIA tool that helps in determining whether Data Protection Impact Assessment is required or not


There could be a variety of potential Risks in processing activity. However, DPIA focuses on the Risk to individuals’ interest. Symmetry’s DPIA tool is GDPR compliant and does not require any special skills to use it.

You just need to fill out answers to some questions, basically Data Processing Information. It involves information like – 

Whose data is being processed?
Individuals affected are vulnerable?
What Personal data and Sensitive data are being used?

This information gathered on very first step will help to identify severity of the risk to the individual caused by the Personal data processing. Therefore, it also helps DPO team in assessment whether this requires a Full DPIA of the processing activity or not!

Our DPIA tool manages Risks associated with the processing and safeguard controls to mitigate the risks. Similarly, it also allows to manage Actions to implement safeguard controls

This software measures level of risk to the individual caused by the personal data processing before the Planned Controls are applied AND after the Planned Controls are applied. Thus, it helps organization to make before/after comparison and back them accordingly to take analytical decisions that are majorly beneficial in large number of cases. 


  • Identify, Analyse and mitigate the potential challenges and threats from one place at your own comfort. 
  • Visual data representation in dashboard lets you take timely decisions to prevent or lessen the impact of Risk. 
  • In-built option of uploading bulk data/records to system through XLS, so that you can import your legacy data easily. 
  • Data Import from existing business activities is possible which saves your time from redundant work of data insert. 
  • Avoid unnecessary steps by initial screening through which you can avoid complete assessment if not required 


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